Sunday, June 7, 2020


I have just been updating my website: So, I've had to look back at this blog (which I have now placed under the subtitle "Ye Olde Blog" on my website). It honestly fills my life with joy (this design, these colour choices, the fonts - oh boy!)

Anyway, I don't really want to delete "The Walkabout" EVER because it means quite a lot :). For a while, it truly was a good way of expressing myself, sharing some ideas, and just exploring the world of blogs. Plus, it feels fun to still say "yeah, I have a Blogspot still." :)

I haven't been writing or publishing much online (here and there) - but, if you happen to come across this blog post, head over to my website. I'm going to attempt to publish more of my musings there. We shall see.

Peace and love.



Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hi everyone!

So I have a few music pages which I am and will be updating more regurlarly in the next months. If you could follow/like me it would be much appreciated =)

Here they are:

Facebook Page   
Soundcloud Page
Bandcamp Page   
Reverbnation Page

You can download my one and only available song (I am working on adding/recording more) for free on Soundcloud and Bandcamp or for a price you name on Bandcamp. If you download from Reverbnation 50% of earnings go to Fender Music Foundation. I will change this charity regurlarly.

I am currently based in Ankara, Turkey so if you would like to get in touch send me an email at

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Song of the Day

This is such a beautiful tune. My Brazilian friend Julia introduced her to me. 
(Sidenote: You should check out Julia's photography  - she is incredibly talented.)
And the song...

Pascuala IIabaca Argadoña is a Chilean composer and singer from Chile. She uses piano and accordian to accompany her voice.

'Pascuala Ilabaca Argandoña es una cantante y compositora chilena, destacada por su voz y el acompañamiento del acordeón y piano en sus canciones. Su obra ha sido descrita como “composición contemporánea, las tradiciones étnicas del mundo y la raízfolclórica chilena.”1 También es parte de Samadi, un grupo de música étnica iniciado en 2005, que recopila repertorios de India,ÁfricaLatinoaméricaMedio Oriente y Europa.' (Wikipedia)