Wednesday, October 29, 2008


5 Things that annoy me:

1. The crackling of plastic bags when trying to concentrate. Or just any time really.
2. Flies in my face.
3. Freezing cold rooms.
4. Queues. Can't stand them.
5. When the shower is dripping and not powerful enough and/or when the heat of the shower changes every other second.

5 things i love right now:

1. Mariocart on the Wii.
2. The fact that Halloween is coming up which gives us a chance to dress up ridiculously.
3. My short hair. It's so easy to wash and look after.
4. The game 'forgotten warrior' on my phone. oh yes.
5. A drink called 'evil zombie', which consists of absinthe and 7 different types of rum. Yarrr.