Friday, January 8, 2010

Things IV

5 + 2 things I like right now:

1. Chocolate. lots and lots of chocolate. Green and Blacks: Maya Gold
2. the new Moodlight that my flatmate has bought for the house, together with the Laserpod.
3. Tom Boellstorf's book "Coming of Age in Second life-An anthropologist explores the virtual human. It's a fascinating and insightful book on the online virtual world Second life as well as historical theories regarding space and culture.
4. My 2 duvets in my bed. Warm times.
5. Water. The elixir of life, + salad. So healthy things in general. Vitamin C. Ruby Red Breakfast orange juice with blood orange and pink grapefruit is the winner.
6. Playing Daft Punk alongside my new Stylophone
7. Avatar, the movie. EXCELLENT.

Things I don't like right now:

1. The cold. Brrrr.
2. The fact that my nose has been blocked for 5 weeks!
3. The fact that my essays are all due next week :S
4. The fact that I bit my nail on my thumb so much it hurts whilst holding a pencil.
5. The fact that I cannot but posters up on my wall. Damn you landlords!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Airport Times

So, yet again I am sat in an airport waiting for my flight. I’ve been here since 12pm and it’s only 3.36pm. My flight’s at 6.20. I don’t know if I can stay awake or if my face is just going to collapse onto my laptop. Been working on my essays, but my eye’s have slowly started to go blurry…or the words on the screen, would probably feel like the same thing. I’m in Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen sitting in a place called “Simit Saray”. First of all Sabiha Gökçen was the first woman pilot in Turkey. ‘Simit’ is an awesome Turkish ...bagel? perhaps. It can’t really be described as a bagel, but it’s the closest thing to it we have in the Western world. ‘Saray’ means palace. SO it’s bagel palace basically. Exciting times. The sun has slowly started to disappear, I can see from the large clean windows, but what I mostly see are the large clouds covering the sky. I’ve been listening to Turkish music but now I’ve moved onto Lily Allen’s song “Nan, you’re a window shopper”. It’s great, her album “Alright, Still” has many reggae influences, which is why I like it. I want to use the loo but I have too much stuff to leave on its own. I could potentially ask the people sat next to me who have also been here since stupid o’clock but I don’t think I should be that trusting. You never know, right? I want a beer. And I want my headache to go away, I’m wondering, am I still hung-over from New Years? I had such a great time. I’m going to miss home….