Friday, May 27, 2011


So in between working hard and playing hard, I haven't had much time to update my blog. But I have been meaning to tell all you music lovers out there about Musicovery and Stereomood.

I know most of us (especially in the UK) have converted to using Spotify or have been faithfully using LAST.FM or Grooveshark for our musical needs but I want to tell you about the above which I haven't heard discussed/used as much.

Musicovery - A great website I discovered a few years back when I was getting bored of shuffle on my iTunes. It's a website where you scroll over a 'mood pad' and choose inbetween the options of 'dark', 'positive', 'energetic' and 'calm'. Upon doing this you click and Musicovery makes a playlist for you. You can register (for free!), share the songs on facebook, make playlists etc. It's pretty good for discovering new tunes an artists (also can be quite fitting for your mood. The layout used to be better in my opinion (lovely bubbles of colour floating around representing each song ) but its still easy to use and colourful.

Now in my opinion, musicovery is good for the random selection of music you can get ranging from 80s disco music to 00s rock etc. You can also taylor in your 'mood pad', the genre you want. But for thematic choice of songs for your mood stereomood is the place to be.

Stereomood. - Steremood is a great wesbite, again which you can register for free, share songs and make personalised playlists. What's great about this site is you get to choose from a list of words which mood you are in such as 'happy, 'good karma' (the two I choose the most - Good Karma has a great playlist) , 'groovy', 'worried', 'asleep on my feet', 'troubled', 'nostalgic' etc. Also has a great user interface. Stereomood is 2 years old this year; apparently America is the 'happiest' nation whilst Canadians the most 'relaxed'. Check it out, seriously!