Monday, April 5, 2010

inSpiral lounge

Up for excellent music and really good vegan food and awesome service? Then go down to Camden in London by the river. This venue is for you! It's amazing. Check out the website for more details, It's perfect for a pint on a beautiful spring day =)


I've just turned 22 recently. When I was about 16 I used to think "Oh God! 22, that must be so old". Well now I realise that it isn't. I also chatted to a 35 year old man the other day who told me that, "my dad is 68, but really he's fact, everyone's actually 17". This conversation might have taken place in a rock bar, and he might have been there celebrating his birthday (drinking) from 11am (by this time it was 9pm), but I still sense the profoundness in his words. In reality, we are all 'pubescent 17 year olds' wondering 'what the hell am I supposed to be doing right now?!'. So, confusion is not the end of the world. It's ok to be confused, life is about confusion, just take it by the hand and go with the flow. These words made me feel better. Everyone is constantly worried about success and becoming 'CEO' of this company or having enough money to buy three cars and five houses etc. etc. I just want a roof over my head and be able to get a job that will sustain me. Naive perhaps, and maybe in the future I will look back at what I have written and say, 'it wasn't that easy'. But it never has to be, and also I believe that we can genuinely change people's outlook of being constant consumers and wanting to have the bigger and better of everything. In reality, what we take away from this life is our experiences with others, be it our family, our friends, polite strangers, or even the impolite ones that we say we will never become. I am now 22 and I feel there is a lot for me to learn and it is all very exciting....


This website is worth visiting. It is a series of talks that have taken place (and are still taking place) over the last few years that are extremely innovative and imaginative. It is a great platform to discuss ideas and learn something, even from the five minute lectures. There are issues ranging from the use of technology for sustainable development, the meaning of computer games as toys (Will Wright), the importance of creativity in schooling (Ken Robinson), and even words of wisdom from writers (J.K Rowling). You can search for speakers, themes or individual talks. And once you sign up, you can add talks to your favourties and interact with other people who have also watched the same talks. An Excellent website.