Monday, December 5, 2011

Midnight in paris

I have just finished watching Midnight in Paris, recommended by my friend (Check out her awesome blog here . I am writing it about it here to recommend it to you as well.

Midnight in Paris, directed by Woody Allen (2011), has gained critical acclaim since its release and has been one of the films I have enjoyed most this year. This may be for a variety of reasons:
a) I love Paris - who doesn't?
b) I love writing - and this story explores the struggle of a writer.
c) You get to meet all your favourite authors/painters from the 1920s ranging from Picasso, Hemingway, Fitzgerald and many more.

Overall this film is romantic, magical, existentialist and a film that is perhaps needed in this time where people seem to easily forget about the struggles of the past which has brought us here. This does not mean we must live in the past. By appreciating the past, we appreciate what has made us, but by living in the present we form ourselves. We are often surrounded by several oppurtunities we let slip by, either because we are living in the past or the future. We must make sure our eyes are open to these opportunities, these 'chance meetings'...

This film explores the concpet of the 'Golden Age' - which time period is best to live in? Is time as linear as we assume? I certainly think not. I believe it is often good to be reminded of this, especially if we are trying to be creative. Creativity is certainly not linear, and shouldn't be.

Zite - Personalised iPad magazine

Since I have been ill for the past week with tonsillitis and currently with a bad cough, I have been spending quite a lot of time reading, watching films and discovering more about my iPad. For those iPad users out there I want to talk about the app 'Zite'.

Zite is a free personalised iPad magazine which posts articles from all around the web in an easy to use, eloquent looking digitalised magazine. You can share articles on social networking sites such as twitter and facebook, and the more articles you 'like', the more personalised the magazine will start to become. You can choose from a range of topics ranging from history, pop culture, cooking, theology, science...and eliminate the ones you are not interested in.

I thought I would share the fact that this magazine has provided me with hours of interesting articles and has been one of my favourite apps to use on the iPad. Truly a great experience.