Monday, July 26, 2010

"Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records"

The title is from Chumbawamba's album. It's inspirational, it makes you want to fight against the injustice in the world. The anger does indeed build up inside me and it is easy to either feel violent or helpless. The important thing is finding a balance between these two emotions; being passionate is the most important, believing in what you are fighting for. It is completely unacceptable the way people exploit others and the planet for the benefit of a fat bank balance. And no! I am not naive. I do not expect a revolution or a complete change in system; this is not a realistic goal. What is important is to change the system from within and eventually come up with an alternative that has a positive impact on the planet and the most of the human population, not on the minority of CEO's of multi-national cooperations or banks and organisations. The corruption needs to end!!! The most important thing at this stage for me is to read and learn as much as possible about other inspirational movements and figures in history. Discover how economics works, keep on researching and spreading the word of what I am being made aware of. And what I am aware of and what most people are aware of is the fact there is severe injustice in the world. And this isn't a 'natural' thing that is present. Human beings created injustice and although, sadly, I believe in the horizon there is no human paradise...we must try our best to create it, working together and try to fight this injustice!!