Sunday, February 12, 2012

a case of the Blues & Robert Johnson.

I've recently gotten into blues. A lot.

And I've been trying to explore the origins of

1930s Blues. You need to check this out.

Legend has it that he did not know anything about playing the guitar, then one night he went out into the dark woods with his six-stringed instrument, met the Devil, sold his soul and became one of the greatest blues musicians ever. In fact he has a song called 'Me and the Devil Blues'... The one I am sharing here is personally one of my favourites, and the video captures the feeling perfectly. I would suggest listening to 'Crossroad Blues' as well.

If you like him, check out Skip James. This song is called 'Devil Got my Woman'. He also played in the 1930s and did not get much recognition, thankfully some young blues enthusiasts in the 60s rediscovered him and he started touring again.

Robert Johnson (one of the few photos ever taken)