Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unwanted sounds: a little bit of a solution - Sennheisers!

You're on a plane or a bus. You're in a room with the sound of people echoing off the walls. But you want a little peace while listening to your music, or you just want the massive humming sound in the background to disappear! Even if it won't make the 'unwanted sounds' vanish completely, a good Sennheiser headphone can take you to bliss from naught to 0.01 seconds. Just push a button and voila! : oblivious to all.

Ever since my dad bought me my nifty Sennheiser's, listening to music has been more of a pleasure than ever. I push the button and the annoying baby that has been screaming at the back of the bus has jumped out the window for all I care. Turn the bass up, rest your head and the rest is history. I'm writing this to all those people who hate those sounds at certain times and cannot find a better solution than sticking their fingers in their ears or using ear plugs. Mine says (on the packet - it is a PXC 150) that it reduces outside sounds by 70%. Don't be misguided however. It's not like the minute you push the button you'll be deaf as a rock. You'll notice the difference that will make your journey and your music listening experience a better one. Honestly people. Go get one. It's worth it.

Thankyou Sennheiser. You make life just a little bit better.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Turkish-EnglishTranslation/Interpretation/Editing -- Türkçe-İngilizce Tercümanlık/ Redaksiyon

This is to let individual people and/or companies know that I can translate/edit documents or anything that is needed from Turkish to English. If you are interested with this service please contact me on and we can discuss details.

Kişi veya şirketler için Türkçeden-İngilizceye tercümanlık/redaksiyon yapılır. Yararlanmak istiyorsanız veya bilgilenmek istiyorsanız lütfen a e-posta atın.