Wednesday, July 18, 2012

S.O.S Richi!

Richi with his superman costume!
Hello EVERYONE! We are organising a fundraising, beneficiary concert/event with Palafrugell La Vinacoteca on the 27th July 2012 (Details to follow) in order to help Richi, a 6 year old boy, from Catalonia who suffers from a medulloblastoma, a very aggressive cancer that requires highly specialized treatment.

Even if you aren't in this area and can't come for this event, we would appreciate it if you could perhaps take the time to 'like' the facebook page of Richi -

as well as looking at his website:

in order to spread the news of this cause as well as get some publicity with regards to the events which may lead to more donations. If you could even donate a few pounds/dollars/euros that would be much appreciated and if you can't, you could just help by perhaps sharing this update or taking some time to 'like' his facebook page.

Details of the event will follow, but it includes: live music (including me!), DJ's, Mediterranean tapas, selling of jewellery and drawings as well as a cocktail competition! There has been a lot of solidarity in the towns in the Costa Brava for Richi and I hope perhaps we can get more support. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Melissa x