Sunday, December 12, 2010

The day that everyone danced

So, this is what I thought about walking home from the tube today. It would be pretty epic. Some songs need patience, and this is one of those songs. It also needs loud speakers and a good bass. Go crazy.

And then music started blasting from the skies! People stopped whatever they were doing. Cars screeched to a halt. Everyone was running outside to see where this music was coming from. Loud was an understatement. It was coming from above – how was this possible? Digitalism’s Zdarlight. Electronic music for the masses. This was the digital age after all and we were all working to the beat. I arrived at the scene of the crime. I told them it was me. I had hijacked God’s stereo and has plugged in this particular tune to get everyone dancing. The 21st century cyber age was going to have to dance. People were going to have to stop slouching in front of their computers and run outside. This was the biggest event of the century. No one had ever done anything like this before! I had also walked into God’s weather room and tweaked it a little. I pressed a few buttons I wasn’t meant to. Now we had half night, half day and Londontown had a sea. The sun was shining. People started taking off their winter clothes. They were shocked at what I had achieved. The younger ones did not need convincing and started jumping on top of the cars and waiting for the drop of this incredibly calculated and precisely beautiful song. “It is coming!” I shouted. The bass started. The trees were shaking from the ground. God’s bass system is top notch after all. Now all that was left for me was to round up the people. “THIS IS THE WORLD’S BIGGEST PARTY” it started… I had left a pre-recorded message to dub over the song. “GET OUT ON THE STREETS AND DANCE TILL YOUR DEAD!”

That day everyone danced.

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